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Our School

Nelson Mandela states, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." As a champion of change, equity, and diversity in education, we believe that the greatest impact we can make begins with the education of a child. With the vision to impact the lives of students and their families, we have chosen to create a learning institution that will transform the educational experiences of our scholars.

Students at School

Tampa Early College Academy is designed to be a small, personalized learning environment with a rigorous academic focus that provides the opportunity for all students to complete two years of college credit on a college or university campus.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Tampa Early College Academy will provide scholars with a strong foundation of skills that will enable the next generation of leaders to be successful in college, career and beyond in a global and changing society.

Mission Statement

Tampa Early College Academy is committed to providing a student-centered learning community with high expectations and continuous support. The early college learner is equipped with the tools needed to succeed in a rigorous learning environment and is prepared for the early college experience with an aim toward college completion.





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